Fraud and Compliance Management Services

Fraud is a widespread and costly issue for businesses, particularly in the digital age. According to a report by LexisNexis, every dollar of fraud costs merchants an average of $3.36. Businesses need a dependable and scalable solution that can detect and prevent fraudulent activity across multiple channels and devices in order to combat fraud. is an AI-based end-to-end fraud management and revenue enhancement ecosystem specifically built for today’s real-time digital economy.

Fraud.Net’s award-winning, cloud-based platform helps organizations of all sizes harness our AI-driven risk intelligence to detect fraud, streamline their customer onboarding and transaction monitoring workflows, and leverage real-time, actionable insights to make safer, smarter, and more profitable decisions.


Access all your fraud detection data, case reviews, and intelligence on a single screen – and at every step along the transaction lifecycle.


Create a custom fraud solution without the cost by choosing among dozens of modular capabilities – and then further enhance them by configuring case rules, workflows, fields, and models to meet your unique needs.


Integrate the best fraud protection data and 3rd-party applications – and seamlessly incorporate new apps and updates from our online marketplace to stay ahead of the latest threats.


Add new vendors or design new fraud rules or workflows with just a few clicks -- and make changes on the fly without ever needing costly, expert technical assistance.


Combat fraud without locking up valuable IT resources by taking advantage of a cloud-based platform that can quickly grow and evolve with your business.


Embrace enterprise-grade security with a cloud-based platform, rigorous software development protocols, and seven layers of safety checks before the publication of any code.


Futureproof your fraud management capabilities by integrating the latest machine learning insights and data science techniques as you test and grow more comfortable with these new technologies.

Proprietary Global Fraud Intelligence

Access fraud insights from businesses in more than 120 countries through our proprietary collective intelligence network so your fraud management capabilities keep up with your expansion plans

AI & Machine Learning

Fraud detection with machine learning is a potent weapon against deceptive strategies in various industries. Equip your business with the world’s leading AI-powered fraud detection platform to combat malicious actors effectively. Combine your data with our powerful custom Machine Learning Models to generate more accurate outcomes, and fewer false positives and solve your organization’s unique challenges.’s AI for fraud detection and machine-learning models use deep learning, neural networks, and proprietary data science methodology to provide our partners with:
With’s robust fraud detection with machine learning, you can:

Collective Intelligence Network leverages fraud intelligence to operate the largest global anti-fraud consortium and platform-as-a-service for enterprises across industries, including financial services, government, technology, and other sectors vulnerable to financial fraud. Through collaboration, big fraud data, and advanced AI, we enable our members to identify and stop fraud attempts long before they have to experience a loss.

With’s fraud data network, you get access to a continually updating, complex map of digital behavior that can be used to identify illicit activities even before they occur.
Empower Your Fraud Investigators and Gear up with cutting-edge fraud data that equip your team to