Silkworm is a comprehensive Digital Wallet Ecosystem built for Neo Banks and traditional Banking, Finance, and Insurance (BFSI) businesses and retail businesses to re-envision customer engagement and transaction experience. The platform provides comprehensive out-of-the-box services that can be easily adopted by these organizations to support their individual and corporate customers. The platform can be deployed as a BFSI solution for BFSI organizations or as a retail marketplace solution for retail organizations.

Silkworm can be deployed in multiple industry verticals to offer a novel digitized customer experience.

Silkworm also collaborates and works with multiple global FinTech’s, Neo banks and global money transfer services that can be offered as a service to our customers who are looking at a global or regional reach.
Silkworm is bundled with eKYC/eKYB, AML/CTF, Transaction monitoring/Fraud management and financial compliance services that can be easily adopted.

Silkworm Money &

Silkworm offers many features and functions for banking, finance, insurance (BFSI) and retail businesses to capture the mobile, social media centric GenY and Gen Z customers with a ready-to-go product with global references, helping the organization expand its geographical coverage and partner network. 
  • Individual (Silkworm: Money) and Corporate (Silkworm: Finance) electronic wallets leveraging Mastercard ecosystem.
  • Ability to add multiple sources of funds.
  • Virtual/Physical Mastercard payment instrument linked to the electronic wallet.
  • Electronic KYC / KYB via our partner ecosystem.
  • AI-based Transaction monitoring, Fraud prevention and management via our partner ecosystem.
  • Integration to cross-border money transfer services with competitive rates.
  • Marketplace integration for retail services.
  • Customer Identity and Access management.
  • CRM for Customer Information Management.
  • Back-office portal for operations and support.
  • Single sign-on with back-office identity management solution.
  • API exposure for 3rd party developers to leverage API economy/monetization.
  • Business intelligence, analytics and extensive reporting capabilities.
  • SaaS / Host On-Premises or Cloud or Hybrid Model.

Silkworm Retail

Silkworm Retail is an Online Marketplace integrated into the Silkworm Ecosystem that enables retail organizations to re-envision customer engagement and transaction experience. The platform serves across the entire retail value chain which drives through all customer touch points.

This super self-care application is built with catalogue-based e-commerce, self-express checkout, multiple in-app payments and many more value-added services that enhance the customer lifestyle and experience.
  • Digital Commerce with Tag-based Product Catalogs that can work across the retail chain.
  • Merchant and agent onboarding with eKYC/eKYB.
  • Integration with delivery service providers for delivery.
  • Multiple Payment Options ( Cash, card, QR, In-App, Loyalty/gift cards).
  • Self-checkout using in-app payment (scan barcode and add the product to the shopping cart).
  • Multiple Shopping Service (Self Express Checkout, Order & Delivery, Order & Pickup).
  • Geo-Location (Nearest or Preferred Retail Merchant Outlet) based Search Option(s).
  • Recommendation engine.
  • Loyalty, promotions, referrals and offers.
  • Social media integration.
  • Digital gift cards.
  • Multilingual support.
  • Maintain a shopping list.

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