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Engineering and Consultancy Services

With over 10 years of payment industry experience, Silverleap has a multidisciplinary team of developers, designers, security specialist with a diverse skills set to successfully develop and manage applications systems for FinTech’s.

Our primary competencies and proficiencies encompass:

Payment processing

Integration with various payment systems

Mobile Development

Crafting applications for Android and iOS platforms using Flutter technology.

Backend Development

Managing transactions, RESTful APIs, database management and other core functionalities.

UI/UX design

Designing user interface, Wireframing, and creating prototypes

Ensuring compliance and Legal requirements

Addressing obligations like KYB / KYC

Testing and Quality Assurance

Implementing Quality Assurance frameworks, Unit and integration test, and performing security audits.

Digital Payment Solutions

Design digital payment solution that disrupt the way individuals generate income, make purchases, move funds, and allocate resources, thereby fostering spending and driving economic growth. By creating unique experience for payments, we help organizations to build solutions for:

• Digital Banking & BFSI & financial services
• Cross boarder payment solutions
• Loyalty open loop payment solutions
• Tokenization technology

Digital Wallet Development

We utilize forward thinking technologies and seamless integration to deliver custom mobile and web-based wallet solution for the BFSI and their clients.

Mobile App Development

Seeking applications for either Android or iOS or Consider exploring Flutter? This is where our expertise lies. Our expert developers have the capability to craft applications that enhance various facets of your business – whatever your requirements may be. You’ll receive a tailored application that fulfils all the necessary criteria.

Web App Development

We poses the ability to design bespoke web applications, constructed meticulously right from the foundation. This ensures the durability of your investment is substantial. Our developers excel in coding using Java, JavaScript, and PHP framework such as ReactJS, Vue.js, Angular, NodeJS, Laravel, and Python.

Backend Development

Ever effective software requires robust backend development to ensure dependable sustainability and performance for both end users and businesses. That’s precisely what we excel at.

Java - Spring Boot Development

Utilizing Spring Boot development accelerates the entire application development process, resulting fairly quick turnaround times for custom applications. Spring Boot is built on top of the Spring framework, an adaptable open-source platform widely used for various enterprise-level applications.

Spring Boot's built-in configurations and choices enable developers to rapidly construct web applications that offer robust yet efficient performance.

JavaScript - Node.js Development

Node.js framework based on JavaScript. It's an excellent match for rapid, real-time applications, such as games, chat platforms, and similar software that demand highly responsive interfaces.

With its lightweight, efficient, and scalable nature, Node.js thrives in the management of distributed and data-intensive applications. This facilitates seamless interactions between clients and servers, enabling bidirectional communication